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Various thoughts from Bible reading

In my reading of John 20 this month (in the reading plan to read John 15 – 21 every day), I consider the parallel passages of the resurrection. Thomas wasn’t there and didn’t believe those who told him. But the other disciples also didn’t believe those who told them — the women — as mentioned in Mark 16:14.

A few great thoughts to remember, from MacArthur’s “Grace to You” radio program.
These are excerpted from a message he delivered to the students at The Master’s College, about how to find a good church.

From the March 20, 2007 show:

“what happens is this dumbing down of a whole culture gets brought into a dumbed-down church environment and there’s very little ability to rise above that, apparently, and to think great and grand and glorious and profound and compelling and searching things about our God. … You worship God at whatever level your understanding of God allows you. If you have a superficial understanding of God, then that’s how you worship because the substance of your worship is the content of your belief.”

From the March 21, 2007 show: MacArthur tells the story of a seminar where he and others were given a paper cup, and each person had 45 minutes to construct the cup in a way that told others about themselves. MacArthur put a hole in the bottom of the cup — his explanation later was that he was a conduit for God’s word to flow through him.

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