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The Inconsistency of Church Replacement Theology

The inconsistency of Christians who hold to non-literal interpretation of the Bible continues to amaze me. I previously wrote of the inconsistency of partial-preterists regarding past and future. Now I look at the attitude toward Israel as a unique nation and people. The classic Reformed, Church Replacement group are blind to the significance of what is going on in the world today, and see no connection between the actual world and what the Bible has to say on the subject, as they insist that Israel has no significance. For example, when I pointed out to such an individual that the nation of Israel is different from other nations in history, that person quickly responded that Israel only had significance before Christ, in the Old Testament. I pointed out Romans 11 as a scriptural basis, but the person ridiculed that as something only believed by “goofballs.” I could have pointed out that this is the view of premillennialists such as Fred Zaspel (a name he knows) and Spurgeon (not just goofballs), and that even some amillennialists believe in the future national conversion of a generation of Israelites–but this was just before going in to work one morning, not the time for lengthy discussion.

As I’ve later considered the matter, the overall inconsistency here is striking. If Israel has no historical significance since the time of Christ, then why continue to believe and say (as these Church Replacement advocates insist) that the Holocaust was God’s judgement on Jews, one of the curses for their rejection of the Messiah? After all, if Israel really has no significance and all is now in Christ and the Church Age, then why should God bother to continue His curses on the Jews throughout the last 2,000 years? By such reasoning, surely the modern-day descendants of Jews should not be experiencing punishment for the sins of their fathers. Church-only advocates know well the Bible teaching, that each man is punished for his own sins, not for those of his fathers. Of course, Church Replacement advocates have to come up with an “explanation” to “fit” their theory, as to why such things have happened. But because (in their minds) Israel has no historical significance, the only reason they come up with is that the Jews get all the curses and the Church gets all the blessings.

As I learned from the study of origins and creation, often the truthfulness of a given theory can be tested by how well it lines up with the observed data. If Church Replacement theology were true, we should expect to find a world in which Jews as a people group no longer existed, having been long since assimilated into their surrounding cultures. Such has happened to all other ethnic groups at some point in time. Where are the Armenians since their destruction in the early 20th century? Where are the Etruscans? Modern-day demographers see a near-future demise of Europeans as an ethnic group, due to low birth-rates in many European countries. In a world of Church Replacement, we would not see a world in which Jews were hated and persecuted by the Catholic Crusaders of the 11th century, or Jews blamed for the Black Death in the 14th — much less a world in which Jews in the 20th century were (by miraculous providence) re-established in their homeland. If Church Replacement theology were true, we should instead see a world that has its focus (in terms of international events and general politics) shifting to the different areas of the world where the Church dominates: Europe, then America, even Africa and Asia. Certainly for much of history the focus did remain on these Gentile nations, which reflects the fact of the biblical “times of the Gentiles.” But since at least the middle of the 20th century the international scene has returned to the Middle East instead of continuing its focus exclusively in the Gentile Church world.

A premillennial, moderate dispensational understanding has no problems of inconsistency, and this view happens to fit the facts of our real world history. The Church did not replace Israel, and God still has a future purpose for ethnic Israel. This is the best and simplest answer to the question of why the Jews are still around today. They have been experiencing the curses for the rejection of their Messiah, but they (the same group) will also experience the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant at a future time, when God gives them a new heart, an Ezekiel 36 regeneration so that they recognize Jesus as their Messiah. The premillennialist can also understand another reason for the intense persecution of Jews throughout history: Satan knows that God has a future purpose that involves the Jews, so if Satan can destroy that group he can make God a liar, to render God ineffective. After all, if the Jews can be destroyed, how could God fulfill those future promises to a people that no longer existed? God permits Satan to persecute the Jews (as He permitted Satan to persecute Job) yet keeps a limit on how much Satan can actually do.

Another real-world proof of futuristic premillennialism: take a look at the eschatological belief system of the Muslims, in connection with their Mahdi Messiah. This too has made headlines recently, with many Christians concluding that the Mahdi may well be the actual anti-Christ. I’m not knowledgeable enough to answer to the truthfulness of that claim, but it is interesting to note that the 7th century Muslims evidently understood biblical eschatology far better than the Christians (of that time as well as today). The Muslim prophetic writings are clearly an imitation, a perverted imitation to be sure, but clearly an imitation of the literal, premillennial teaching of the Bible. If Satan and his demons, the inspiration behind Islam as with every false religion, instead recognized the Augustinian, amillennial interpretation of the Bible, then why not imitate and twist that idea instead? Satan and his demons do believe in God, as James tells us, and if the demons knew that God had rejected Israel and now only focused on the Church, why such Satanic intent (continual and unsuccessful) to destroy ethnic Israel?

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