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Earthquakes and Your Worldview

Yes, your world view affects how you look at everything.

I submit the following article, about earthquakes and the New Madrid fault as a small sampling about how our pre-existing ideas and assumptions affect the conclusions we come to.  The article  cites research from scientists at Northwestern University, data from GPS satellites that movement along the New Madrid fault is extremely slow, a maximum of 0.2 millimeters; by contrast, the movement along the Haiti quake was about 7 millimeters per year, at least 35 times faster.  But some are skeptical of the obvious conclusion, and here is the interesting part:

Given the slow pace of geologic changes, Langston questions how a fault zone that produced such powerful quakes only two centuries ago could undergo such a dramatic transformation so quickly.
“It just doesn’t work that way,” he said. “It takes hundreds of thousands of years for the Earth to do something — either start up or shut off.”


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