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Horner Bible Reading Update

I’ve now consolidated my reading lists to 8, with one slight addition:  for the shorter Gospel chapters, I now double up and read two at a time.  The Gospels do not have as many shorter chapters (35 or fewer verses) as other sections of the Bible, but I found enough to shorten List 1 to 71 days, from 89 days.  No need to push it beyond that point, but 71 days does make it closer in length to the other New Testament lists.

Eight lists are certainly more manageable than 12, in terms of keeping up with the different passages and stories.  The readings sometimes include some great parallels or cross-references.  For instance, the other day I read Matthew 4, in which the devil tempts Jesus by quoting scripture, including a passage out of Psalm 91; list 5 that day included that very Psalm and those same verses — cool.  The readings through Matthew 5-7, the sermon on the mount, complement my list 2 readings in Exodus and the giving of the law.  Ezekiel 22 also fits with its references to the laws given in Exodus.

Here is my reading for tomorrow:

  • Matthew 8-9
  • Exodus 23-24
  • Galatians 1-2
  • Proverbs 7
  • Psalms 97-98
  • 2 Samuel 19-20
  • Ezekiel 23-24
  • Acts 1
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