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Horner Bible Reading Update

The modified Horner Bible Reading plan continues to work well, with 8 different selections and up to 14 chapters per day.  Often some good parallel readings come along, and as the months go by the different sections of the Bible become more familiar with each re-reading.  Sometimes the readings also complement a particular Bible study sermon series.  The original Ten-list Horner Bible Reading plan has a nice “surprise” with the alignment of Exodus 24 and Hebrews 9 in the first time through.  Obviously with frequent modifications the same groupings do not re-occur — but other nice ones will surface.

Here are a few interesting parallels from my recent readings:

New Testament and Deuteronomy:

Isaiah 40 (List 7) and Revelation 19 (List 8 ) both feature great praise to God!

John 8, Genesis 12, and Joshua 1

John 8 relates that Abraham saw Jesus’ day and was glad.  Genesis 12 begins the story of Abraham being called by God.  Joshua 1:6 reminds us of the Abrahamic covenant, now being acted upon with the people about to enter the land for the first time in over 400 years.

List 3: Ecclesiastes 8:2 — a good reference point for 1 Timothy 2:1-2, regarding kings and rulers, a recent subject in my 1 Timothy S. Lewis Johnson Study.

List 2: Genesis 15, the Abrahamic covenant and promises regarding the numerous offspring of Abraham  — and — List 3: Hebrews 2:16,   “he helps the offspring of Abraham.”

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