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Luke 1 and Premillennialism: Christ’s Kingdom Upon the Earth

It’s the Christmas season again, so I just listened to S. Lewis Johnson’s message on Luke 1:26-38 (the announcement to Mary, of the birth of the Messiah).  In the midst of this message, delivered in 1970, comes the following great words concerning Christ’s future kingdom:

I am constantly surprised that people can read the Bible and do not see that our Lord is to have a kingdom upon this earth.  I do not see how it is possible to freely read the word of God and not come to that conclusion.  I think of a story which I read almost twenty-five years ago of a conversation that took place between a Jewish man who had studied a little bit of the New Testament and a Christian clergyman who was a believer in Jesus Christ but was an amillenialist.  That is, he did not believe that there would be an earthly kingdom in the future.  And he was trying to get the Jewish man to believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ.

And the Jewish man turned to Luke chapter 1, verse 32 and he asked the clergyman, he said, “Do you believe that what is here written about the Messiah is to be literally accomplished, that God is going to give unto him the throne of his father David?” and the Christian minister said, “No I do not.  I rather take it to be a figurative language, descriptive of Christ’s spiritual reign over the church.”  Then replied the Jew, “Neither do I believe literally verse 31 in which it is stated that ‘a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son and they shall call his name Jesus.’  I rather take this to be merely a figurative manner of describing the remarkable character for purity which the Son of God, according to this text, shall have.  But why” the Jew continued, “do you take verses 32 and 33 figuratively, while you believe implicitly that verse 31 is to be fulfilled literally?”  And the clergyman replied, “I believe in the virgin birth because it is a fact.”  And the Jew said, “Ah, I see the difference.  You believe in Scripture because it is a fact, I believe in Scripture because it is the word of God.”  And the Jewish man had overthrown the Christian clergyman.

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