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Calvinist Dispensational Study Resources: Bob DeWaay

I’m always interested in finding and exploring good Calvinist Dispensational Resources, and tend to concentrate for a while on certain sites, such as Believer’s Chapel Dallas with its many online sermons.  Another site I’ve known about, but hadn’t explored as much, is Bob DeWaay’s church, Twin City Fellowship.  I’ve now added it to the “Church Listings” page, and have spent more time looking at their Bible Study section.

The sermon and Sunday School recordings are fairly recent, so it doesn’t have as much content from the many years past (Believers Chapel has material going back to the 1960s and 1970s), but what it has is well organized with book names listed along the left side panel, and a good selection including several series through Old Testament books.  Among the minor prophets, which I’ve been studying recently, this site has many good audio files covering Daniel, Joel, Zechariah, Malachi, and Habakkuk (still in progress).    Other offerings include Genesis and Exodus, as well as several of the New Testament books, and a ten-part series on basic Hermeneutics.

I’ve listened to the first few messages in Joel, which was done as a Sunday School class with some classroom  interaction; the sessions are longer, at about 1 1/4 hours.  It provides a good supplement to the S. Lewis Johnson series I recently completed.  Among a few interesting highlights, the teacher of this series holds to a later date for Joel — while admitting that some of the arguments, from silence, are not by themselves the strongest reasons.  After I complete all the SLJ minor prophets sessions, I would like to go back and listen to more of Twin City’s classes.

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