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90 Day Bible Reading Plan, Genre-Style: Final Observations

Update:  New Facebook discussion group for the Horner Bible Reading plan and variations on it.

I have now completed reading the Bible in 90 days, Prof. Horner genre style.  Here are just a few insights from recent reading.

To finish the Pentateuch in 90 days (instead of 93 days, two chapters at a time) I scheduled the last several days to read three chapters at a time.  For the most part three chapters of Deuteronomy is okay, but chapter 28 is quite lengthy.  To compensate for the extra reading in Deuteronomy 28 that day, I only read one chapter of Revelation — chapter 21 — and finished Revelation the next day (March 30).

Yet that slight change provided even greater reading parallels for the next day:  reading about the river of life in both Ezekiel 47 and Revelation 22.  Also, John 21:20 and 23 mention Jesus’ return (in Jesus’ words to Peter, if I want him to remain alive until I come…) and then Revelation 22:7 proclaims “Behold, I am coming soon.”  It’s also a way in which we see that John, who did outlive the other apostles, did remain until Jesus’ Revelation concerning His coming again.

Other great reading combinations included Deuteronomy 25:13-25 with Ezekiel 45:10-12, showing God’s continual concern for fairness and justice, even with the practical matters of daily life such as standard weights and measurements.

Next, I’m starting my 8-list modification, from the beginning — a new starting point.  Before, I gradually merged from the original 10-list plan into the current plan.  As always, I’m sure the new readings will be just as good, with more different but good reading parallels and combinations.

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