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A Spurgeon Christmas Message

December 23, 2013

I like to highlight Spurgeon Christmas sermons during the holiday, as with this “Spurgeon Merry Christmas” from last year, and also this post from Christmas 2010.  For this Christmas, the summary and excerpts from Spurgeon’s Christmas 1862 message, delivered December 21, 1862, “No Room for Christ in the Inn.” In Spurgeon’s textual sermon style, he went far beyond the text and account itself, to consider the other reasons (beyond the narrative account) why Christ “should be laid in the manger.”  He also considered other places in our world and daily life that have no room for Christ, as well as the modern-day equivalents of the “inn itself” that “had no room for Him,” in a message that shows the timelessness of human nature and describes a world so similar to the 21st century.

Christ Laid in the Manger brings out the following truths:

  1. To show forth His humiliation.  Would it have been fitting that the Man who was to die naked on the Cross should be robed in purple at His birth? Would it not have been inappropriate that the Redeemer who was to be buried in a borrowed tomb, should be born anywhere but in the most humble shed, and housed anywhere but in the most ignoble manner?
  2. He was declared to be the king of the poor.  He will be the poor man’s Friend, the people’s Monarch; according to the words of our shepherd-king, He shall judge the poor of the people; He shall save the children of the needy.
  3. By this event (being laid in a manger), He gave an invitation to the most humble to come to Him.  We might tremble to approach a throne, but we cannot fear to approach a manger!
  4. Showing that Christ is free to all who will come.  The inn of ancient times was not like our modern day hotels, but was free to all.  What was provided was a huge square block, arranged in rooms for the travelers, with lower stages for the beasts. The traveler was given a certain provision of water, and perhaps chopped straw for the cattle, and must make himself as comfortable as possible.  Christ was born in the stable of the inn.
  5. In the manger beasts were fed; to show that beast-like men may come to Him and live.
  6. Only His presence could glorify the manger; beasts fed there again after He left.

Other Places Besides the Inn That Have No Room For Christ

  •  The palaces of emperors, the halls of kings
  • The place of senators and forums of political discussion
  • What is called “good society”
  • On the Stock Exchange
  • The Schools of the Philosophers
  • The Jewish Temple and Synagogue

The Inn Itself Had No Room For Him: places that Spurgeon considered similar to the Inn — Public sentiment, general conversation, and the workplace.

I would give not a farthing for your religion, no, not even the turn of a rusty nail, unless you will sometimes win that title! If God’s Word is true, every atom of it, then we should act upon it! And whatever the Lord commands, we should diligently keep and obey, remembering that our Master tells us if we break one of the least of His Commandments, and teach men so, we shall be least in His Kingdom. We ought to be very jealous, very precise, very anxious, that even in the least significant of our Savior’s Laws, we may obey, having our eyes up to Him as the eyes of servants are to their mistresses.

But if you do this, you will find you are not tolerated, and you will get the cold shoulder in society. A zealous Christian will find as truly a cross to carry now-a-days, as in the days of Simon the Cyrenian! If you will hold your tongue; if you will leave sinners to perish; if you will never endeavor to propagate your faith; if you will silence all witnessing for the Truth of God; if, in fact, you will renounce all the attributes of a Christian, if you will cease to be what a Christian must be, then the world will say, “Ah, that is right! This is the religion we like!

But if you will believe, believe firmly, and if you let your belief actuate your life, and if your belief is so precious that you feel compelled to spread it, then at once you will find that there is no room for Christ even in the inn of public sentiment, where everything else is received! Be an infidel, and none will treat you contemptuously; but be a Christian, and many will despise you. “There was no room for Him in the inn.”

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