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Great Free Resources From Christian Ministries: To Your Doorstep

Nowadays so much material is available online, through email newsletters, online PDF files, and downloadable MP3 sermons.  But I still prefer hardcopy print material mailed to me, as something more portable to carry around with me and read while away from the computer.

Here are some great free resources, hard-copy material to your home:  CDs of audio material, devotionals, magazines, and newsletters.

1.  The GTY mailing list monthly offers:  monthly offers to your mailbox.  Some are CDs of sermons, but often books or even Bibles are offered.

2.  From ICR.org, the devotional

booklet “Days of Praise” and quarterly magazine “Acts & Facts.”  The daily devotionals come in three-month sets, along with the magazine.

Days of Praise Devotional
3.  5 DVD set of all of S. Lewis Johnson’s sermons in MP3 format.
Send an email to:  webmaster “at” believers-chapel.org

Include your name and mailing address, and it will be forwarded to the Chapel.  I just received my set, a week after requesting it.

S. Lewis Johnson DVD case

4.  Spurgeon literature, from Bath Road Baptist Church:
Email:   info “at” bathroadbaptist.com

5.  Free Grace Broadcaster: a booklet sent every few months, which contains writings –on a theme each issue –by noted Christian authors of the past including Spurgeon, Pink, Octavius Winslow and Thomas Brooks.
Email to: chapel “at” mountzion.org and request a paper copy sent quarterly.
Here is their main website:   http://www.chapellibrary.org/broadcaster/

6.  Levitt Letter Monthly Newsletter:  Newsletter from a Messianic Jewish organization
Fill out the form to request a hardcopy newsletter mailed to you.

7.   Voices For Christ website:
4,600 sermons available online, from various speakers (a few from S. Lewis Johnson, plus many others)
Website lists all speakers (note:  not all are Calvinist or dispensational):
Free CDs or DVDs are available on request, including a set of 6 DVDs containing all 4,500.
Email:  info “at” voicesforChrist.org

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    Wow thank you for this!

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